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Catholic essay on motherhood

catholic essay on motherhood

really Mother. But we can go further. But the opposite is not necessarily. God is Jesus' Father; Mary is Jesus' Mother and she is not God. That would not, however, help us understand God, which presumably is why He bothered to reveal Himself as Father to begin with. For an analogy tells us how God truly is, not merely what He is like, as in metaphor.

Escaping from Motherhood: How it Destroys Society Catholic

catholic essay on motherhood

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Not if you mean by "historically conditioned" "wholly explicable in terms of the religious thinking of His day." We have no reason to think Jesus uncritically imbibed the prevailing ideas about God. This is clearly more than a metaphor; the analogy with earthly fatherhood is obvious. Sometimes women feel overwhelmed by their role as caregiver and while we love to look at Mary as an "ideal which can sometimes seem daunting, how can we also look to her as just "another mom?". With this distinction between analogy and metaphor in mind, we turn now to the question of what it means to call God "Father.". Thus, we are not by nature "children of God" in that sense, but mere creatures. The same choice to offer each moment back to God. I should be providing my children with a legacy that they will love to share. Thus, within the Trinity, there is fundamental equality each Person is wholly God and basic difference each Person is unique and not the Others, not interchangeable. Scripture balances transcendence and immanence by speaking of God in fundamentally masculine or paternal terms, yet also occasionally using feminine or maternal language for what is depicted as an essentially masculine God.

That God is for the poor and the lowly? This is why Paul writes in Eph 3:14-15, "For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named." (rnab).